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Paul Adams T/as Fine Wines, Coombe Farm Barn, Coombe Lane, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6NU, United Kingdom.

Hartenberg Estate Wine, Riesling

Hartenberg Estate Wine, Riesling

Since the first release in 1984, Hartenberg Rieslings have achieved something of a local cult status. Driven by a market in search of a "dry" or "trocken" style wine, Hartenberg Estate Wine, Riesling seeks to highlight the purity and complexity of fruit that makes Riesling so individual. Hand-picked at daybreak to ensure only the most heavenly flavours, about 15% of grapes showed the presence of Botrytis. After crushing and de-stemming, the fruit underwent six hours of skin contact at 12 degrees Celcius. After pressing, the juices were fermented using a yeast personally selected by Hartenbergs winemaker in Austria, then stabilised, filtered and bottled.

Hartenberg Estate Wine, Riesling has a spicy richness on the nose which gives way to a taut yet floral and fruity mid-palate that has both richness and complexity. The residual sugar is barely noticeable and if anything it contributes extra fullness and richness to the palate. This is a quality wine that offers great value and food-pairing versatility.

Region: Stellenbosch
Grape: Riesling
Producer:- Hartenberg Estate
Vintage: 2014
Style: Dry White Wine
Alc: 12% vol
Price is for a 75cl bottle
Special Offer, Normal price 13.75

Price: 10.75