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Paul Adams T/as Fine Wines, Coombe Farm Barn, Coombe Lane, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6NU, United Kingdom.

Cederberg, Bukettraube

Cederberg, Bukettraube

Cederberg, Bukettraube is a rare cultivar with 77 hectares left in the world. Cederberg Bukettraube is an explosion of aroma and flavour. It has prominent muscat flavours with apricot and floral notes on the nose. A well balanced wine with a delicate sweetness and a crisp acidity. Enjoyed as an aperitif; partner to spicy fusion foods – not hot; sweet Cape curries, or goose liver and baked fruits.

Region: Cederberg Mountains, Citrusdal Valley
Grape: Bukettraube
Producer:- Cederberg
Vintage: 2016
Style: Medium Dry White Wine
Alc: 14% vol
Price is for a 75cl bottle
Special Offer, Normal price 14.95

Price: 11.95